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Seth Campbell is a writing and performing musician based in Boston, Massachusetts, and a graduate (summa cum laude) from Berklee College of Music.

Born with numerous eye deficiencies, including congenital glaucoma, Campbell has compensated for his poor eyesight with his keen hearing and near-encyclopedic memory, both of which have served his extreme passion for music since infancy. Seth began studying piano at the age of three, and has picked up numerous other instruments, including Irish penny whistle, guitar, pan flute, and more along the way.

Campbell has honed his crafts by working with a wide variety of accomplished musicians, including studying with jazz phenom Vardan Ovsepian, performing with world-renowned Peruvian folk group Inca Son, and touring nationally with his mentors' rock band The Brew. Meanwhile, Campbell completed a five-year, dual major Bachelor of Music degree at Berklee College of Music in 2017, majoring in Songwriting and Contemporary Writing/Production.

These days, Seth can be seen performing at piano bars in and around Boston, showcasing his repertoire of over a thousand songs from all sorts of genres, or sitting in with Cold Engines, a band formed by members of The Brew. When not on stage, Seth writes charts and sheet music on commission, films and curates his signature "Segue Says" podcast on YouTube, and does Let's-Plays of his favorite video games on his "Segue Plays" channel. His debut single, "Spend a Little Time," was released in May of 2019, followed up by "Waiting Out" in February of 2021 and "The Town I Used to Know" in January of 2022.


"Seth has a profoundly unique musical depth and understanding.

It is not only a technical awareness but he is true and touch with the power and magic in music and its value in all of our lives."

                     -Will Dailey, artist

Albums Seth has contributed to:
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