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Making Music


Looking for some original music for your business's advertisements? Whether it's a radio or TV spot, a 60-second piece or a 5-second "shotgun," Seth can handle your ad scoring needs!


Types of Projects

Instrumental Underscore

A thematic instrumental piece to go underneath the voiceover. Similar to library music, except that it will be unique to your ad.

Lyrical Jingle

A custom-written, lyrical jingle in whatever style you desire. You can submit your own lyrics, or have Seth write them based on your primary selling points.


Need someone to narrate your ad? Depending on what type of voice you're looking for, get Seth or one of his trusted colleagues to read the copy for you!

Let's talk!

Thanks for submitting!


Vardan Ovsepian,

Pianist & Composer


"When I think of a true example of a child prodigy, I think of Seth Campbell, and how fortunate I was to coach him through his younger years."


- Vardan Ovsepian,


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