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Charts & Sheet Music

Thanks to his keen hearing and perfect pitch, transcribing music has always come naturally to Seth. He began studying ear training at a young age, and started creating sheet music for his own compositions soon after. When he arrived at Berklee College of Music, he began taking chart work on commission, frequently coming to the aid of his colleagues and professors alike.

Seth works primarily with Sibelius notation software, though he is also proficient with Finale. Services include audio transcription, copying, arrangements, and more for individual players, small ensembles, big bands, and orchestras.

Types of Projects


Lead sheet

Chart containing chords, rhythm, melody, and lyrics. Simple and quick. Good for studio sessions, rehearsals, and general gigs.

Instrument Part

Chart containing fully-notated part for a given instrument. Good for studio sessions and more serious performances.

Full Score

Chart containing fully-notated parts for all instruments in a piece. Can also include individual charts for each instrument. Good for larger ensembles, big bands, and orchestras

Multi-Piece Projects
Larger project involving charts or scores for multiple songs. Can be for concert setlists, musicals, or other song collections.
Composition and transcription of parts and melodies for all desired instruments for a new or previously existing song. Can be for small bands, ensembles, big bands, or orchestras.


Bill Elliot

Tony Award-winning arranger

and orchestrator


"I know I can always count on Seth Campbell to do a thorough, careful, professional job when I need his help as an arranger and/or copyist"

-Bill Elliott, Tony Award-winning arranger and orchestrator

Marty Walsh

L.A. studio guitarist, Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music


"I first met Seth Campbell in an ensemble class at Berklee College of Music. I quickly realized what a special talent he was. I have hired Seth as a performer in my band, as a writer of charts for me, and as a copyist. You name it, Seth can handle the job. A total professional”

-Marty Walsh, L.A. studio guitarist, Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music

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